Wireless Technology

“The new source of power is not money in the hands of a few, but information in the hands of many.” 

John Naisbitt (1929-)

The Wireless technology is never ending technology. Its impact on life style is getting bigger and bigger. I think almost all our life is surrounded by wireless technology devices. Look at in your pocket. I bet that you all have cellphone which is not only as communication tool but also as contact business, watches, scheduler, camera, music player, video screen, bank transaction and even become your personal assistant.  Now I can always keep my eyes on seeing my home because I already installed the web cam that connects to my wifi modem and monitor it remotely by my cellphone wherever I am. My car also connected with GPS system to easy track where it is located closely. Today I can play my music on my devices to car audio system just click a bluetooth button on car dashboard.

That’s wireless technology.


This site Is Only Informative And Reflects trends From All Over The World. If you find anything on this site that you feel infringes on a copyright, please let me know on hazimahmadi@yahoo.com


3 thoughts on “Wireless Technology

  1. hazimahmadi says:

    Sorry Saiful, may be this late reply is not important anymore. But better late than never. Regarding to your question : you can use Telkomsel or other mobile cellular operator like Indosat by buying prepaid card. Although prepaid they also provided broadband services.



  2. Saiful says:

    I m going to Banyuwangi on 30 Nov. I need to be connected online. From which telco company can i get the mobile broadband with no contract. Please advice. Thank you.

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