What we did last year

We continue to conduct research and development to support our company business now and in the future. We recognise that there has been a shift in services today, which not only rely on products and services, but more on customer experience. Over-the-top (OTT) applications and digital-based services have eroded the earnings of telco companies to encourage many telco companies to transform into digital telco, as well as our company. The direction of company’s research and development policy is research that includes technology assessment, standardisation and quality assurance for both network infrastructure and digital ecosystem platform. Research is done by referring to the strategy listed on Corporate Strategy Scenario (CSS), master plan network, report from research institute, regulation and operational requirement to support the achievement of customer experience satisfaction. Researches that lead to the reinforcement of digital services are also carried out in terms of market pull, facility & environment and service pull.

Access network infrastructure research through optical and wireless media, fixed networks and mobile networks, is directed to finding access technologies capable of delivering data to customers at higher speeds such as Next Generation PON (NGPON) technology, Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology and technology Fifth Generation (5G). This is to meet the needs of broadband data access customers in accordance with the increasing needs of data per capita in line with the affordable price of customer devices, the number of applications available and the shift of digital business. We research Optical Transport Network (OTN) in the field of transport network to provide optimal, dynamic, cost-effective and adaptable network design along with the needs of various services superimposed on it. Research is also being done for virtualization technologies such as software defined network (SDN) and network virtual function (NFV) which are increasingly important in the digital era that requires flexibility, cost-efficiency and ease of control. We realize that in the future it is not just the growing personal communication but machine-to-machine, the Internet of Things (IoT) and yet the process of becoming a new prospect. Long Range (LoRa) Wide Area Network, Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Narrow Band – IoT (NB-IoT) are among the technologies we have started doing in IoT research. We are also reviewing IoT platform for telco operator as the foundation in developing IoT that suits telco business and industry. Some time ago Company through its research has successfully developed the Open Set-Top-Box (Open STB) standard that allows all STB platforms to be interoperable with the existing IP-IP (IPTV) so as to encourage company’s IPTV service better because supported by all partners. We recognise that the data security aspects of the digital age are increasingly critical and critical. For that above all network layers We also do cyber-security research to avoid fraud, vulnerability and cyber-attack is critical in e-commerce, financial and operational business.