Trying Adventure Sport at Telaga Waja river, Bali


Bali is always interesting topic to discuss when people are going to spend their vacation. No matter what the programme would run either with your family or with your colleagues you would have a lot of the must-see place around the island. The blue water sea with white sand in sea shore features with various water sports, dance performances, exotic culture, cafes, traditional culinarry, food streets, and still many things that i can write down in detail here.

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Last week my department had a workshop which took place in Bali. Instead of enjoying the warm tropical beach like everybody does the event organiser offered us to try another interesting Bali tour that is rafting or river adventure.

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The river is Telaga Waja which located in Karangasem district. This river is very famous for tourists so there are many operator companies that run adventure busines on the river.


Actually I have ever had experience with this kind of sport adventure. The first time was in Soreang river, West Java. At this occasion the river is more pellucid than the first one and also the track is relatively moderate. I admit that the guide who accompany our team is very professional so we were very exciting along the track.


Another impression during we flowed from the top to the last point is the view on the bank of the river. Field rice like green carpet, colourful wild flower, and woods planted are kept well from logging along the bank of the river. It gives us a beautiful scene and fresh air for our sake.


The last but not the least is authenticate Bali cuisine provided for all adventure participants at the finish point. After we got shower and changed our cloths we enjoyed the delicate food of Balinese. Hmmm….yummy.

I recommend you to not forget this tour if you visit Bali even the others place are still interesting.


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