Going Around Da Nang City, Vietnam

By: Hazim Ahmadi

On September 2012, I was in Da Nang, Vietnam for attending a workshop on IMT-4G Preparation which held by Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) Wireless Group (AWG) (http://www.apt.int/) as commitment from Xiamen, China meeting result on April 2012. Me, again, as representative of my company asked by AWG commitee to deliver a presentation from operators perspective. It was great conference meeting since almost all country representatives from Asia-pacific region was there. They come not only from regulators but also from operators and industry ones.

  Delivering presentation as operator representative 

This workshop was run as information exchange between the members regarding to situation, status and last update on IMT-4G implementation in the region. This such good opportunity for us to let forum knows that 4G implementation is not easy to be installed today.

Day 1 of the conference with no single chair left   

The conference was taking place at the luxurious resort the Vinpearl Luxury Hotel (http://vinpearl.com/). The hotel equiped with comprehensive accomodation like pool, large room, large conference meeting, delicious food and nice scenery around the location.

A nice scene view over window of the conference venue

Flight from Jakarta, Indonesia to Da Nang, Vietnam is not as much as to other cities. There is no direct flight to conect those cities but we should take transit flight at particular city which has direct flight to that city. I booked a flight ticket  via a web booking agent.  The flight contains two flights that are Jakarta, Indonesia to KL, Malaysia then from KL, Malaysia to Danang, Vietnam.

Bird eye view to Danang City from plane window

Like other countries in South East Asia, Vietnam is a developing country that most of their people are farmer. I was wondering with this country and their people that quite similar to Indonesia. The view from air plane tells us how is the city situation. You can see the picture above.

Students coming home from school by riding bycicle

While tourists in Paris discuss about the best restaurant and visitors to London might search the weather information, here in Da Nang city, it is hard to avoid the most conversation on how best to cross the street. Da Nang is not the only city in the World with a traffic problem. But when thousands of motorcycles spread into the winding streets resulting rush of two-wheeler makes a hell road.

There is no even traffic light in junction street

Posing in front of Da Nang railway station ( it seems one of colonial heritage)

The Vietnames is best known in their sea food cuisine. I think that the way Vietnames and Sundanese (Indonesian tribe who majority lives in West Java) present salad as feature for meal is the same. But Vietnames salad is more various than Sundanese one.

The luxury car for distinguish guest

Coconut trees along the bayside

Wide street with a little number of car in vicinity


You can not park car here

Checking fishes out from boat


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