Enjoying the Spring Water Pools in Merapi Mountainside

By: Hazim Ahmadi

I was born and raised in a farm village which situated approximately ten kilometers from Merapi Mount, in Central Java, Indonesia.  Most people there work in field and cultivate plant for foods like corn, rice, cane and other vegetables plant. I feel blessed for the people that I meet and my friends I made in this village. I think even to date this village remains natural. Every morning and afternoon we could look obviously at the two sturdy volcanos, Merapi and Merbabu from my window.

It was interesting to remind my childhood memories there while visiting my mom. So it is a good idea to spend our vacation and explore the area. After discussed it with my wife I took a couple of days for holidays with my family member.  It is about 500 km ride from my current city to my hometown.

Not far from my family house there are a lot of spring water vary from small to big. The biggest one is Cokro Tulung spring water that was built in 1951 to supply drinking water (Air Minum) for Surakarta city, about 20 kilometers away from this site. It is connected by water pipe that burried in the ground. When I was kid at the week end my friend and I would ride bycicle and stopped at this place for swimming and finding shrimp.  

Beside building water supply, there is a water park  and some swimming pools with different design for any visitors. I tried to see the water park with my son. Luckily me, there was no other visitor in there so the water park still clean and we could enjoy it full for ourshelves.

Eventhough the water is shared with some big pipes that means a lot of water in size to supply to other places, the rest of water still flow with big stream. This water is drained to river and at the end for watering rice plantation in eastern field area of the site. Thanks to this water abundant the farmers always harvest rice crop three times over a year.  

That is what I want to share my experience with you. Actually I worry wheter I can see the spring water resources in next ten or twney years. Why? Because I look some hilly lands in Merapi and Merbabu Mount where the trees grow for water catchement getting cut for houses, field and other building. I think any stake holder should care about this.


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