A Short Trip from Bali to Bangkok

By: Hazim Ahmadi

March 26th, 2012

One month ago I had to attend a meeting in Bali and a conference in Bangkok, Thailand in a week. So on Monday and Tuesday I worked in Bali. On Wednesday I should be in Jakarta for flight to Bangkok, Thailand and in Thursday I would be in Bangkok for speaking at a telecommunication conference. I  would stay in Bangkok for couple of days.

Kuta Beach Scenery

A two-day meeting had made us headache. Luckily me, the meeting venue was in a hotel that closed to Kuta Beach, that is  Kartika Plaza Discovery hotel. So in afternoon on the last day of the meeting me and my colleagues went to shore to see and enjoy the beach. The beach view was awesome though it was sunny and breezly.

Panel Discussion is on

On Wednesday afternoon I arrived in Bangkok. Oh my God, it was annoyed when you faced traffic jam in rush time for meeting. In that day I had appointment with my fellow panel discussion to have a dinner. They gave me a call while I was in taxi heading forward to the hotel I would stay. I told them that I was sorry to not join the dinner because my late arrival at the hotel.  The conference was held in the  Conrad Hotel. The organizer asked me to be one of panelist as representative from Indonesia operator which has been conducting LTE trial. The others are from Malaysia, US, Irland and moderator from India.

A Hotel at Sukhumvit Soi

Acctually I stayed at 5-star Conrad Hotel, Bangkok during the conference. It is a really nice hotel I had ever stayed. After the conference finished I tried to take such budget hotel for reference if someday I will visit this city. I got Aspen Suites hotel. This is 4-star hotel with good enough accommodations. Towels, slippers and toilet papers are all there. It is easy to get the hotel because I can book reservations via Internet a week before from Indonesia.

Benchasiri Park

I enjoy the city by walking around Sukhumvit sidewalk until the Benchasiri Park. It is kind of park that can be accessed for people for activities like playing basket ball, jogging, take a relax after work or just sitting on the grass with friends or family.

Sidewalk along the Sukhumvit Road

The Sukhumvit Soi sidewalk scenery on the sunny day. Many foreigners especially from western spend their holiday or even live here. Everywhere I saw them like natives. I thought they also get married with local women that I can conclude from some of their family members are different from others .   

Huh? Where is Garuda Indonesia Airways?

All along the side walk there are many shops like mini market, tailor and freshly made street food. They sell a plentyfull things like clothes, trinket and jewelry.  

Traffic Jam after hour

Like in Jakarta Indonesia Bangkok also has serious problem in traffic jam. It get worse at after hours or rush hour in the morning.

I was just enamoured with a mosque building in Budhist country

Oh, I saw a mosque during my travel from hotel to airport eventhough it is less than temple which I saw along the street. Moslems are mostly come from southern of Thailand provinces. 

Suvarnabhumi Airport

This is a scenery of Suvarnabhumi International Airport. I should cross the street to get the hall for check in from taxi droping me off at. 

Flying above around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Good Bye Bangkok! I am flying to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia now. See you next.


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