Seeing A New Year Cellebration in Nanjing, China

By: Hazim Ahmadi

Shenzhen, January 16th, 2012.

On January 2012, I went to Shenzhen for CDMA2000 1X EV DO testing performance as representative of my company to ZTE R&D Center. Me and my colleague were sent to prove that the product of the company is able to deliver the requirements as well as our standard. I asked them to set the equipment test readily before they demonstrated to us. It was such a smart way to effectively test the product. I would check them before the test took place. By applying this methode I had much time to do other things. In any spare time we spent time to explore the city situation. I tried to take pics that I can share here for you. Let’s take a look at these pics.

A moslem (Musilin) man explained where we can figure out a mosque in Shenzhen area. Because I am moslem I always asked my guides to take me to a moslem restaurant. We did this because for sure moslem restaurants provide a diverse lamb menus instead of pork one. Mostly Chinese are Budhist or agnostic albeit some people believe in Islam faith. Most of them came from western provinces. They are very famous in cooking lamb meat. I really enjoyed their cuisine. 

A nice hotel in Shenzhen

Here it is the hotel where we stayed for couple of days.

Shenzhen Domestic Airport

After spent for days to test radio aspects in Shenzhen we moved to another city, Nanjing. We took a flight just a few days before Chinese New Year cellebration. As many people were going to their home town for cellebration so the air ticket was hard to find.

Nanjing City. Nanjing means South Capital.

At the first day we worked in Nanjing, our colleagues took me to a moslem restaurant. The cities still have many old buildings that I thought it was built more than 30 years ago. I don’t know whether it maintained as original to introduced to foreigner as landmark.

Winter season is here.

Around Kong Fu Chu temple situation. Just after I took a shoot rain was falling down.

Still around the Kong Fu Chu temple. The shops are dominated by red lanterns for Chinese New Year cellebration. It was rain and cold.

The trees would seem to be starting hybernate for winter season. I saw most people preferred to stay at home but some did not.

Wow, snow is falling. Looking at airport covered by white snow.  It is the day I would leaved the cities to Hong Kong.


One thought on “Seeing A New Year Cellebration in Nanjing, China

  1. hazimahmadi says:

    One of the issues of visiting China is toilet facilities in public area. Sometimes there is no water, no tissue, muddy and dirty.

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