Singapura or Singapore

By: Hazim Ahmadi

Singapura, December 2011.

Singapura or Singapore long long time ago has also been known as Tumasik when this island ruled by Majapahit, one of the bigest kingdom ever in Indonesia (1200s). Today the island is the only country in South East Asia with the highest GDP. And the name Temasek still there but used by a biggest holding company in the country.  Last year I visited this country and I can’t resist to share some of my shoots here. I took a walk from hotel to around Marina Bay alone.

Masjid Culia. Some of Singaporean are Malay. They are moslem.

Marina Bay

China Town


Civil Defense Office

Interaction between Melayu, China and Europe

A night view of Fullerton Hotel, near Marina Bay

Colourful Building

A nice building close to my hotel


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