Telkom Flexi to acquire Bakrie Tel

Telkom Chief Executive Officer Rinaldi Firmansyah quoted that acquisition of CDMA based operator Esia which owned by Bakrie Telecom is one of the options beside merger scheme to combine it with Flexi as Telkom CDMA business unit.

Telkom Flexi and Esia are the two biggest CDMA based network operator in Indonesia to date. The number of subscriber of both operators are about 15 millio n and 10 million respectively by the end of 2009. Merger or acquisition of two operators will make them become the fourth of the biggest wireless operators in Indonesia after Telkomsel, Indosat and XL Axiata. Instead of cellular operator both Telkom Flexi and Esia are fixed wireleess access (FWA) which limited mobility. Standing as FWA operators, they become the biggest and are worried as monopoly operators.


2 thoughts on “Telkom Flexi to acquire Bakrie Tel

  1. hazimahmadi says:

    I aggree with you. If we check the asset of both operators in late 2009, the number of bts owned by Flexi was 5000 compares to Esia’s bts which was 3000 only. How come Flexi should less share than Esia?
    I preffered Flexi will be remained by government rather than private company in order to stabilize telco industry in Indonesia.


  2. salam kenal,

    I think the merger of Esia and flexi is a move by Rinaldi to do a coruption.

    Flexi is available in Java island, sumatra island, kalimantan island, sulawesi island, and lots of small island.

    Esia is only available in java island.

    So, why would Esia became the leader with more share, when the two company merged together? The value/asset of Flexi is at least TRIPLE compared to Esia.

    I just hope that Rinaldi were fired and got KPK on his tail. Since he lead telkom, telkom have going down and down.

    I also have an article on this matter at my wordpress page

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