Telkom acquired 12 BWA zones

By : Hazim Ahmadi

zone lukisan

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) got 12 zones of broadband wireless access licenses in Indonesia. Those licenses are awarded to telkom as it won the tender which held by Indonesian government.

The license included seven zones in 3.3 GHz band and five zones in 2.3 GHz without overlap. The 3.3 GHz band license covers seven zones are Jakarta and its suburban area (Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi), Banten area, North Sumatra area, Central of Sumatra area, West Java area, East Kalimantan area, and West Kalimantan area. While the 2.3 GHz band license covers five zones are Centre of Java area, East Java area, North Sulawesi area, Papua area and Maluku area.

The competitive advantages of BWA technology are fast deployment of infrastucture, less expensive in cost of investment, and its mobile capability. In the electronic auction, there were 21 applicants competed to win 15 zone of BWA in Indonesia. At the first time government offered only IDR 53 billion or USD 5.25 million for 15 zones. Because a lot of applicants so the price rose become IDR 460 billion or USD 45.5 million in the last minutes and only eight applicants won the tender.

According to Telkom Vice President’s Eddy Kurnia, “the additional license will be utilized for Telkom itself and its subsidiary operator, especially Telkomsel.” Telkomsel is the biggest GSM operator in Indonesia with about 67 million users by end of 2008.


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