Warning for BlackBerry…

By: Hazim Ahmadi


Indonesian regulator Ditjen Postel warns BlackBerry vendor’s Research In Motion (RIM) to realize customer service center in Indonesia immediately by July 16, 2009. Otherwise Ditjen Postel will reject every certicate application for the newer BlackBerry product. This means there is no way to sell those smart handsets in that country.

The second consequency is Ditjen Postel will freeze the RIM devices certificate which is now already held by any operator partners in Indonesia. By applying this rule the operator partners can not continue to import the older model devices until the customer service care center is realized in Indonesia.  As you might know the Indonesian users are very crazy about this smart handset.

The regulator stated that the ultimatum ought to be sent several weeks ago. This alert is following marathon meeting with some departments like commerce, finance, customs, and operators since June 15, 2009. However until now RIM has not built a service center yet. Actually the objective of the regulation is to shelter users from any problems happen when the devices have already in their hands. The vendors, distributors or impoters shall guarantee and provide customer care service center of their products.   

According to official data the total number of BlackBerry handset is 320,000 users. The XL operator contributes 150,000 users and two others Telkomsel and Indosat notes each 100,000 users. Refering to XL guy meanwhile the illegal BlackBerry handset number reaches 105,000 users.


3 thoughts on “Warning for BlackBerry…

  1. Jeff Wilson says:

    Im looking forward to being able to get my blackberry serviced…its been a real pain and I have no intention whatsoever of buying another blackberry….. Blackberry have been 100% unhelpful in sorting out the problems with my phone despite having a worldwide guarantee which is still valid
    Please be warned before you buy any blackberry product !!

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