TELKOM Indonesia: Synergy Save Budget

Total value synergy program of TELKOM Group (Indonesia) at the end of 2008 including on network, commerce and shared service resulted over 3.5 trillion IDR or about 320 mill USD.

The program has been commencing since 2006. By synergy program TELKOM can save budget in capital expenditure and operational expenditure budget. TELKOM CEO Rinaldi Firmansyah released the report on “Press Gathering” at Hotel Bukit Indah, Purwakarta (Indonesia) at May 20th 2009.

Further detail Rinaldi said that the highest value raising is from synergy on network aspect that achieves 90 percent of total value. Utilization of share base station (BTS) tower which counts number not less than 1400 sites earns the highest value, then followed by synergy on fiber optic backbone sharing.

On commerce aspect the synergy program is executed through One Stop Service Solution between two companies Telkom-Telkomsel. The most synergy of TELKOM Group takes place between TELKOM as the main company and its biggest subsidiary company TELKOMSEL as cellular provider. Since early 2003 TELKOM which the main business as fixed operator also come into fixed wireless access business as the fixed wireline expansion got stumbling block.


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