Politic Leads Business or vice versa

By: Hazim Ahmadi

I just recently read a news in my Intranet when I write this post. Telkom Indonesia (Telkom), the Indonesian biggest telco’s plan to acquire some share of Iranian cellular company Iran Telcom will get blocked by political issue. Iran government does not aggree if the prospective shareholders are American guys. As you might know that Telkom is now listed in New York Stock Exchange so it’s not surprise if their some shareholders are American.

Telkom’s Heri Supriadi said that it is about 9 percent of Telkom  sharholder are American. If the acquisition plan works well Telkom is going to buy 30-50 percent of the share by private placement after forming a consortium with other company in July 2009.

Iran population is now about 75 million with 30-35 million cellular subscribers. With 10,000 US dollar of their income per capita per annual Iran is an interesting market for Telkom especially when price of cellular voice services in domestic market is falling down as regulation intervention since several years ago. If the plan does not works well Telkom will back to focus in domestic market which is still lucrative so far.

My conclusion is politic leads business or sometimes business lead politic, I don’t know…


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