Today Indonesia to Open BWA Tender

After released memorandum of information in selection mechanism last week The Selection Team od BWA 2.3 GHz is going to open the tender today. The bidders shall take the bidding documents within two nex days.  From that schedule the Ministrial of Communication and Information expects the winner would be definited by June 2009.

The tender will be made through e-acution method which has been consultating with any public consultan like Direktorat Jenderal Pos dan Telekomunikasi, Badan Regulasi Telekomunikasi Indonesia (BRTI), operators, industries, and pursue to world referencies such WRC-2007, APT Wireless Forum, etc.

According to APJII the price of bandwidth is one billion Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) for each 1 MHz. Therefore it will be 15 billion IDR for 15 MHz aggregation for each block of three blocks for every region. This tender is an effort of Indonesian government to make the bidding executed in transparent manner.


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