Indonesia’s Mobile Broadband Subscibers

By: Hazim Ahmadi


Last two days ago released news about Indonesian new position after shifted Japan as member of the big three mobile subscribers in Asia Pacific. The other two members others are China and India respectively as number one and two. This number of subscribers accounted Indonesian cellular penetration to more than 57 percent.


Again, several days ago in a telecommunication congress event which held in Jakarta, Indonesia I got information data that fixed broadband subscriber now owns about one million. They are using ADSL for at most users. While the mobile broadband users number recently has reached about 10 million subscribers. Most of the users are using HSDPA or 3G to access the network. So broadband penetration still less than 2% today and will surpass that number in 2012 according to a few telecommunication players.




Indonesian cellular users now are addicted by any mobile applications following the abundant of smart handset around them. If you go to some crowd you can see easily anyone wrapping or writing something enthusiastically in their handsets. Indonesian users are freak with new smart handset – eventhouh they seldom use their advance features handset. Blackberry, Nokia Eseries, Iphone, are HTC some handset that now easily we can buy in the cellular shops. I don’t know what would happen if Android also come to my country. I believe those smart handsets actually are pricey for my customers. May be they save their lunch budget first in order to buy that ones.


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